Various - Drive-Thru Records DVD (Cover Artwork)


Drive-Thru Records 📀 (2002)


I never thought DVD's would catch on, then again I never thought the internet would either. Shows how much I know. Now what I do know is that Drive-Thru Records is one of the best labels out there right now, and this DVD definetely showcases that.

Unlike many DVD's or VHS's of labels or bands that just have a biography of the band and some live footage that is dubbed over by the actualy CD, this DVD is the exact opposite. Everything you see is straight from the stage, live interviews, and hilarious outtakes and commentary by the bands.

This disc is packed full of over 3 hours of footage, including music videos, live footage, interviews, home videos (a lot of acoustic stuff), a picture gallery, and some extra items to hold you over when you are done with the rest.

Highlights for this disc would have to include the videos for Allister and The Movielife, the very funny Homegrown being interviewed, and all of the live footage. Sure, a lot of you are already thinking "oh Drive-Thru, they suck...they have all pop punk bands...wah wah wah." That's fine and dandy, go ahead and think that, but if you are even the least bit open minded you will check out this disc some point in time and be able to realize what great music is on this label, and how fun and entertaining this DVD really is. Give it a chance, because it is not one of those DVD's that you watch once and put aside for a coaster, this one can be watched over and over again.

The final result is for $12 you can get a hell of a lot of music compacted on one small tiny little space saving disc. If you are thinking..."wait a second, I don't have a DVD player!" Then go out and buy one right now (or buy PS2-you get the best of both worlds with that) because you are living in a different time and will be consumed by the future very quickly. Mark my word.

Haven't you ever wondered why you can now by used VHS for only $2.99, it's because VHS are like N64 games, in a year you won't be able to find them anymore.