Pressure Point - To Be Continued (Cover Artwork)

Pressure Point

To Be Continued (2002)


Pressure Point play a more melodic brand of street punk that really reminds me of the Anti-Heroes mixed with Lars Frederickson and the Bastards mixed with early Rancid. Especially on the bass lines, they sound exactly like Matt Freeman's playing style. While with these influences and sharing members Nate Hat on bass and Nate Mohawk (come on can't we think up better hardcore names than this) on drums with the Whisky Rebels, I just couldn't get into this band that much.

The songs weren't terrible and I really liked some of them, check out the organ on Drinking With the Damned, a drinking song to remember a good drinking buddy, The Ballad of Richard Davis, a song about the organization of the unions, and Uprise, a song about uprising, but as a whole this album just did nothing for me.

There were some cool bass lines and a lot of aggression but I've just heard the same formula to many times and this just didn't give me anything to remember it by.