Karis Owen - Alfa Mango [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Karis Owen

Alfa Mango [EP] (2018)


Karis Owen was originally based in Providence, Rhode Island, and has apparently relocated to New York City and acquired a new singer along the way- Kyle Therrien of War Games. As a fan of their previous work, their self-titled EP, I was a bit wary of hearing a new voice over the same band. My worries have been washed away.

Karis Owen's music has evolved to a surprising extent in just one year. Their melodies and songwriting are both significantly more mature and nuanced and their new vocalist brings a dynamic approach- soft crooning one moment leading into epic belting-out the next- which was lacking on their self-titled.

The EP opens up with the uptempo, almost pop-punk, track, "Delivery Buster." Three part harmonies draw the listener in on the first verse before leading into what seems like 3 catchy choruses.

"Priscilla," which is the lead single off the EP, is darker but still up-tempo with lyrics concerning another's alcohol abuse.

The title track is slower and more groove-based. It is interesting because, despite being catchy, there is no clear chorus yet there are parts that are referenced again later in the song but only in part. The song serves as a good break from more traditional song structures of the previous two songs.

If you're a fan of melodic alternative rock, I highly recommend checking out this EP.