Never Heard Of It - Limited Edition (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Never Heard Of It

Limited Edition (2002)


This album is NHOI's third self-released album, and they have pushed it everywhere from random people at gas stations to Warped Tour, where they were the only unsigned band to play the entire tour (all this according to their press pack). They apparently tour quite a bit and I admire their hard work, but the music isn't anything new.

Just like Newfound Glory or any other Drive Thru band, NHOI has the clean-cut sound complete with neatly packaged vocal harmonies and shallow lyrics. Check out the words to "She's Over It": "She never smiles / she won't even give me a kiss / she tried to stab me with a knife / good thing she missed / this morning my tea was filled with piss / I don't know why she acts like this / she doesn't like me anymore." My goodness. Another lyrical blunder on this album would be the messed-up version of "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations. I don't know if they were trying to avoid copyright laws (they don't mention in the booklet that they did not write the song), but on the back sleeve they call it "Build Me Up," but in the lyric booklet they call it "Buttercup." It is an obvious cover of the song, and they manage to mess up "…but I love you still / I need you (I need you) / more than anyone, darling" by changing it to "but I NEED you still / I LOVE you (I love you)." How? It's major part of the lyrics! Also, I don't know if secrets tracks are exempt from stupidest song status, but theirs, about how "Tequila is their best friend," is pretty damn dumb.

On a positive note, these guys are really catchy. If you can get past the lyrics and unoriginality of it all, you may dig ‘em. "Veronica" and "Alone" are two tracks that are very hook-filled. Also, it's impressive they could copy the slick-produced sound so close on a self-funded record, they must have spent a bundle. Musically, NHOI is tight and their drummer does have some skills. And like I said before, these guys work their asses off, so props to them for that. Sorry guys, I don't like your music, but it seems you are finding those people who do, so keep at it. If you really dig that Drive Thru sound, check out Never Heard of It.