Drew Goddard - Daredevil [TV series] (Cover Artwork)
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Drew Goddard

Daredevil [TV series] (2018)


If you're familiar with what's going on in the Netflix pocket of the MCU, you'll know shows like Iron Fist and Luke Cage have been canned (despite improving drastically in their sophomore seasons and ending on epic cliffhangers). One show that's been constantly good, though, has been Daredevil, and after two great seasons, the third has surpassed expectations which leave us wondering what's planned thereafter.

Firstly, it's a great adaptation of the "Born Again" storyline and I honestly think the tweaks made are better. As usual Charlie Cox and his heroic gang do an amazing job, but this season prides itself on darkness -- not just Matt Murdock's. We see Kingpin at his best, which means he's at his worst, as he concocts epic schemes left, right and centre (and hell yes, Vincent D'Onofrio is amazing as usual). Then there's Matt battling his inner-demons and urge to kill the villain, coupled with a lot of mental trauma in terms of his parents, which almost all the heroes go through this year. From Karen Page to Foggy, everything syncs up so well, as we see why their journeys have taken them away from their past so much.

Backstories and origins are done profoundly, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a certain Bullseye. His creation is just as powerful as the fight choreography this year, easily painting him as the best Netflix villain (physically) to date, and someone I could easily see fighting with The Winter Soldier on the big screen. And that sums up Season 3 -- cinematic, tight storytelling and bonkers action sequences that don't even leave you wanting Matt back in red. 

It also ends on a huge note that makes me excited to see if Punisher and Jessica Jones can reach these heights next year, and if Netflix will take a shot at things like Heroes for Hire, Daughters of the Dragon, Moon Knight or even Thunderbolts. Because it doesn't seem Defenders will get greenlit, not even with Luke now as Harlem's Kingpin.

That said, it's crazy to think even if Netflix goes with Daredevil alone, they won't have a hit on their hands. I just can't see this series on Disney's streaming service, and if Netflix wants to keep upping the game in the superhero realm, this is the way to keep doing it for sure. One of the rare times 13 episodes feels way too short.