Shook Ones - Body Feel (Cover Artwork)

Shook Ones

Body Feel (2018)

revelation records

Shook Ones are Washington state’s answer to gritty melodic hardcore. Over the last decade, Shook Ones have consistently released well-received LP’s as well as splits, with End of a Year, Easel and Death Is Not Glamorous. Body Feel marks the bands most recent full length album since 2009, and first release since 2013’s split with Death Is Not Glamorous.

Body Feel took me a few listens to completely digest musically. On first listen, Shook Ones come at you with their tried and true, gritty and fast punk rock sound. Upon further listening the depth of the songs really begins to shine through. When I had concluded my initial thoughts, I was not in love with this record. However, as the dust continued to settle and further reflection was complete, Body Feel might be Shook Ones best record to date.

The fast songs throughout the record still rip with a blended style that combines all of our favourite aspects of Kid Dynamite with the inherent melody of Lifetime. The songs that really stand out on repeated listens are the more thoughtful and slowed songs (I use the term slowed loosely here) such as “Rhymes with Robbed” and “Mercer…..Fuck”. The subtle melody created by the gritty croon of the lead vocalist and the well-crafted guitar riffs help to take Shook Ones to the next level. More is present here than superficial circle pit inducing punk rock. The band really showcases their abilities as musicians and songwriters with Body Feel.

The production is deliberate and calculated, not overly slick while allowing the appropriate aspects of the songs to shine, while retaining the bands essential punk rock and hardcore aesthetic. That might be the single downfall of the record. Sonically adding more pop and brightness to the production might have continued to highlight some of the subtle melody that is dispersed throughout Body Feel. I have no current complaints, but it begs the question as to how Shook Ones would sound with an ever so slight polish on the finished product.

All of the bands shtick remains present here, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and song titles, ripping fast dbeats and melodic guitar riffs that the band has become known for. What really sets Body Feel apart from their previous catalogue of music is the growth that can only come following a lengthy career creating music together as a band. This maturity and growth can be heard throughout the record. Body Feel feels like a record that has aged a long with the musicians, and the results is another strong release.