Tightwire - Six Feet Deep (Cover Artwork)


Six Feet Deep (2018)

Red Scare Industries

Six Feet Deep begins like a nagging hangover. But the hangover promptly subsides and the euphoria begins once the vocals kick in. And that feeling remains until the very last note, which comes relatively quickly, less than 20 minutes later.

The band sticks to a fairly simple songwriting formula, but that’s what makes these 13 songs amazing. They lean towards a more polished Ramones sound, with vocals layered in harmonies, just enough lead guitar, and a solid backbeat. Many of the songs (i.e.“Draggin’ Me”, “Six Feet Deep”, and “Don’t Like to Lose”) contain earworms in the chorus, successfully utilized through dual vocal harmonies and repeated lines. The band uses another successful songwriting technique in tunes like “Told Ya” and “Hidden Planet”, which start with the chorus and suck the listener in immediately. And while the vocals tend to be on the poppy side of punk, there is just enough grit and grime to keep it dirty, particularly on “Body Language” and “Out of It”, among others. And despite keeping the songwriting pretty straightforward, the songs are complex enough to keep you on your toes and force you to listen. One great example of this is on “Out of It”, which starts with a chorus reminiscent of The Riverdales. It quickly proceeds back and forth between verse (muted the second time around) and chorus, before moving onto a chorus with a higher vocal register, a catchy bridge and ends with a muted chorus. Simple, yet different, and effective. Oh yeah, and it’s about drinking! A perfect segue into the final song, “Closing Time”.

This is my kind of record. No filler, no fluff, no bullshit. Right to the point and catchy as hell. And I absolutely love the sound on this album. I was mad that it ended so damn quickly, but all I could think about at that point was just starting it all over again. And again. Success, comrades. Success!