Unwritten Law - Music In High Places (Cover Artwork)

Unwritten Law

Music In High Places (2003)


Unwritten Law's newest effort is definitely a departure from the norm.  It was recorded live (except for the final track, Shallow) at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming for MTV's ‘Music In High Places', and the album sports that same name.  The location of the performance is not the only unusual detail of the album, the entire show was done acoustic, and the results were stellar.

Being a fan of Unwritten Law, and a fan of acoustic music, I was excited when I heard that they would have such a performance, let alone release a CD of it.  I wasn't sure what to expect, however, because I am not at all impressed with their live shows.  They always seem lethargic on stage, like they don't want to be there.  Fortunately, that wasn't the case with this album whatsoever, it flat-out rocks…..in a mellow way.

First off, the sound quality of this CD is very impressive.  It is well produced and sounds great.  The songs selected for the show are Unwritten Law's slower tracks, with the exception of ‘Blame It On Me'.  It should also be noted that there are no gimmicks, such as strings or piano added to any of the songs.  It is just to band playing their songs with acoustic instruments, and they really shine.

Speaking of ‘Blame It On Me', it is done incredibly well.  Its hard to believe that they pulled it off, but it sounds great.  Other standout tracks are ‘Shallow', ‘Before I Go', ‘Callin', and ‘Rescue me'.  Seein' Red and Up All Night are included, but they do not stand out.

There isn't much else to say about this album, there is no new material, so all the songs will be familiar to anyone who owns their last two releases, with the exception of Shallow.  Overall, I would have to say I am glad I bought this CD, I find it well worth the hard-earned cash.  I would recommend this to anyone who either likes Unwritten Law, or acoustic music in general.  I give it an 8 because it is great, but not groundbreaking.  Definitely a good buy though.


  1. Before I Go
  2. Rest Of My Life
  3. Seein' Red
  4. Up All Night
  5. Blame It On Me
  6. Geronimo
  7. Callin
  8. Rescue Me
  9. Elva
  10. How You Feel
  11. Shallow