Warthog - Warthog [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Warthog [7-inch] (2018)

toxic state

Warthog as a band are a relatively new member of the New York hardcore community that have been creating a buzz in the hardcore and punk scene. The hype seems to be valid, as the band’s most recent self-titled EP does not disappoint.

Warthog’s style of New York hardcore is far from new or inventive, however, the band have worked in dbeat punk rock as well as some droned out stoner-rock riffs to keep things interesting. At a cursory glance the band sounds like a contemporary take on Agnostic Front or Cro-Mags with a touch of Warzone thrown in for good measure. On repeated listens the thrash crossover is obvious, but not overpowering. The Sabbath-esque droned out riffs and abrasive production value work well to set the band apart from more typical New York style hardcore bands. I would be very interested to hear a few more doom oriented tracks if and when the band puts out a longer release, as these parts are a highlight throughout the EP.

The production is grungy with a solid dose of reverb for the vintage punk rock fans out there. It would be nice to hear a bit more punch, but the production choices suit the band and the record well. The production highlights the thrash elements of the band nicely. The songs have memorable hardcore hooks that will no doubt translate into an energetic live experience.

Warthog’s self-titled EP is a solid piece of throwback-influenced New York hardcore. Fans of punk rock, hardcore and old school thrash could find a lot to enjoy here. I look forward to a longer track listing on future releases.