Touché Amoré - 10 Years / 1000 Shows - Live at the Regent Theater (Cover Artwork)
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Touché Amoré

10 Years / 1000 Shows - Live at the Regent Theater (2018)

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It's no surprise here that I'm one of Touché Amoré's biggest fans. I've left the Caribbean to come see them a couple times in USA over the last two years, and I'm glad to see them racking up 1000 shows and celebrating it with this record. They're really nice guys, they've flown the emo/post-hardcore/screamo/melodic hardcore banners/revival flags for us too, so I'm honestly glad to see the success they've had and how humble the Cali boys have remained hitting this landmark.

Now, this record stands out to me for a few reasons. I'm one of the few who enjoys their later work more, when they went more melodic and vocalist Jeremy Bolm started shouting and screaming less (and if you hear him strain to speak in real, you'd get why). First off, their live performances rock hard and I wish I were there, but seeing this DVD and hearing the mix from Kurt Ballou (Converge), well it feels like I'm there. I love hearing the songs off Stage Four and how it's been three years since Jeremy's mom died from cancer and how he ran from her in her last days. Songs like "New Halloween", "Flowers For You", "Rapture" and "Palm Dreams" really bring me to tears, as I'm reminded how he avoided her during FEST, only to get the call she passed. It actually also ties into my life personally as I avoided my uncle for this entire year, only for him to die of cancer in September, so while I thought Jeremy was a dick a few years ago and a coward, well, now I understand. It's all how we cope, so hearing these songs remind me how to approach the future.

Music-wise, TA's guitars and overall sound are on point, but it's Elliot Babin's kit work that continues to amaze me. This brings the engine full-steam for the older songs too like "I'll Deserve Just That" and "Honest Sleep" -- and well, this live album has 29 songs so trust me, there's something for everyone. It encompasses all eras and it jogs me emotionally to the point I remember hearing them in Riot Fest when it seemed to drizzle. That turned into dark skies and when we all thought it was gonna rain, sunlight began streaming through, parting clouds and birds began flocking as Jeremy began singing about his mom. That's the power they evoke and that's the magical moments that are dredged up when they play songs off Is Survived By as well. The title track there, "Just Exist" and "Steps" are some of my favourites so basically, TA cover most of what I love from them, really making me wish I could have been there.

If you think I've rambled, but still managed to get to this point, show 'em some love. They've saved lives and will continue to do so. This album's a great example why, it's art, it's an experience... and in short, it's therapy.