The Microphones - Mount Eerie (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Microphones

Mount Eerie (2003)


Shit's fucked up, dude.

The Microphones is really just one man, Phil Elvrum. His previous releases, covering the themes of air, fire, and water, have led up to this, the story of earth.

And seriously, shit's fucked up, dude.

None of you on this site will probably ever listen to this. It's not punk rock. It's not emo. It's not ska, or hardcore, or metal, or any other type of subgenre falling under the punk spectrum. What it is is forty-one minutes of some of the most out there music you'll ever hear on recording.

Tribal drums mixed with loops build up to rousing crescendos, only to be cut off mid beat by Phil's lazy baritone voice. Creepy piano riffs intertwine with Calvin Johnson[of Dub Narcotic fame]'s deep bass rumbling. Static [or is it the sound of the ocean?] leads into a folksy guitar and voice duet. And this barely even scratches the surface of what this disc contains.

Like I said before, shit's fucked up, dude. I don't feel like I'm smart enough or old enough to even begin to tackle the amount of creativity and originality contained on this release. I'm a blubbering idiot right now [although what else is new, right?]. All I can really say is if you have an open mind and want to hear a CD that will blow said mind out of the water, the Microphones' "Mount Eerie" might just be the disc for you.

[Note: a much better, more coherent review can be found at because they're much smarter than me.]