Parasites/Raging Nathans - Split [single] (Cover Artwork)

Parasites / Raging Nathans

Split [single] (2018)

Dead Broke/Rad Girlfriend

The Parasites/Raging Nathans Split EP

Here we have the first new Parasites recording for years! There’s been some live albums and compilations, but by my reckoning they haven’t released an album since Non Stop Power Pop in 2012, and their last single was literally decades ago! So when Dave messaged me to tell me that they had a new split EP coming out, well I was totally chuffed to bits.

And here it is, and boy is it a winner. There are four songs: two by the Parasites on side A, and two by Raging Nathans on side B. All four songs are tales of love and loss, mainly focusing on the loss part.

True to form, Parasites do the mid-tempo, beautifully crafted classic pop punk that they are well known for. “You Belong To Me” describes the initial meeting and first date with the girl of your dreams, but ends with the inevitable breakup. That leads into the second song “Armed With a Broken Heart”, a cover song which shows the aftermath of said break up, and the broken heat and bad feelings that follow. I have to admit this song really speaks to me as I’m still dealing with the sudden end of a 7 year relationship, so when Dave sings “This sudden loneliness has made me dangerous: please don’t watch me while I fall apart, because I’m sad and I’m angry and armed with a broken heart” it really speaks to me. It’s the kind of song that Masked Intruder wishes they could write. Damnit why aren’t the Parasites massive? Maybe it’s the name: makes them sound like a crusty Crass type band instead of the masters of beautifully crafted pop-punk that they are.

The Raging Nathans songs are more straight ahead rockers, but still great. Now I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Raging Nathans before this, but I will be digging up more of their back catalog for sure. They are a 3 piece from Dayton Ohio with a couple of albums under the belt already. Both of their songs on this EP have guitar lines that get stuck in your brain and just won’t leave. “Spoiled Brat” chugs along like a runaway train with a yelled chorus of “It’s not fun anymore it’s all been done before”. The last song “Signals” also doesn’t let up for a second. It’s more of a love song than the first one, with the chorus repeating “I’m giving up, I can’t keep searching for a signal, looking for a sign you really care”. All too sad really. As Pete Shelley sang, “There is no love in this world anymore” and Amy Winehouse answered back “Love is a losing game”. Fuck it, I’m gonna sit in the dark, get drunk and listen to this EP on repeat…

Anyway, get this split EP. It’s great. Four great songs in ten minutes for $6. Can’t beat that can you? And you want colored vinyl? Dead Broke Records has 100 on blue/green, and Rad Girlfriend has 100 on yellow. Hell, get both!