Sour Days - Sour Days EP (Cover Artwork)

Sour Days

Sour Days EP (2018)

self released

Winnipeg’s Sour Days started in 2018, out of the ashes of notable local band Dangercat, who broke up late last year. The band also features current members of active bands including Waster, Elder Abuse, Slow//Steady and more.

Sour Days first release, a self-titled 3 song EP, does not feel like a first release. The familiarity and chemistry shared by the musicians here is evident. The songs themselves are reminiscent of the band members locally known previous band Dangercat, with raspy vocals with catchy choruses played over mid-tempo punk rock verses. The band has included a heavy emphasis of 90’s alternative that sounds more like Culture Abuse than legitimate 90’s alternative, but it does little to hamper the overall quality of the songs.

The EP’s second track “Problems” is the highlight of the record with an easy crooned chorus that is memorable and well written. The bouncy chorus and riff heavy verses are filled with bright and engaging guitar leads that compliment the catchy vocal melody. While innovation is not the main focus for the band, as Sours Days have chosen to follow a well-beaten musical path in 2018, the songs can easily compete (quality wise) with other bands within the genre.

This quick EP has piqued my interest for how the band will handle a full length in the future, as these 3 songs do not disappoint. FFO: Culture Abuse, Drug Church, Dangercat, etc.