WWE - Survivor Series 2018 [PPV] (Cover Artwork)
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Survivor Series 2018 [PPV] (2018)


Did you know wrestling is punk? Oh, you didn't know? Well, your ass better call somebody!

Seriously, though, now you know and with that in mind, let's discuss what the fuck went on with Survivor Series.

Firstly, NXT War Games continues to show HHH is the man, while whatever Vince McMahon is doing with RAW and Smackdown LIVE continues to really leave me bewildered. Firstly, I get we don't have the Attitude Era or personalities of old anymore, but now we've got such technically great wrestlers who are being roped into crap storylines and not being given the time of day to really put on a good match. And when I keep thinking Survivor Series, year after year, will buck this trend, I continue to be severely disappointed.

Firstly, no Becky Lynch (screw you, Nic Jax), no AJ Styles (probably the most dumb title drop in terms of timing) and no RKO (be real, Orton could have improved the SD team) -- all couples with a clean wipeout from the RAW band has me wondering how much Vince hates the blue. Apparently, the commentary team aren't even counting the USOs win as one for SD!

Into the matches, the tag-team match was cool but I wonder why acts like the Revival or SANITY feel like Vince just brought them up to shit on them for doing so well in NXT. I'm glad the USOs won but seeing the New Day do the same thing again, and especially the Bullet Club look so rusty made me feel like this really shouldn't even make it to PPV.

The Women's Survivor Series match was cool but seeing Nia squash Asuka like that in the finale was garbage. I'm glad Nat was taken out with Ruby, and even more grateful Trish and Lita weren't involved, but it felt like Sasha Banks and Bayley could have been done a bit more justice. Either way, without Becky or Charlotte, I expected SD to lose.

Now, Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura was solid but again, it felt like they'd cut loose more in NXT. WWE seems to limit them for whatever reason on the main roster but all in all, this was Shin's best match since the AJ fights. I would have liked to see Ambrose cause Seth to lose to build that rivalry more, especially with Roman out, and it'd help Shin's heel character. Giving Seth a win does nothing for him as he wasn't even hyping this feud so the booking was off.

AOP vs. The Bar -- well, Drake Maverick is as annoying as Lio Rush, but it was smart to have him and Big Show cause a distraction to gift AOP the win. Honestly, though, two heels with no charisma to them, and you end up getting a match that's hard to invest in.

Buddy Murphy and Mustapha Ali's clash though was the fucking gem of the night. They let it all out with spots and bumps that felt like NJPW or the Florida indie circuit. The fans loved it and the ending was fitting as Buddy really is coming into his own. Hope they don't fuck him over on the main.

TEAM RAW vs. TEAM SD (Men's) was garbage. SD's roster was so weak. The fact they had everyone turn on Braun after the match when this could have been done in the match a la the ensuing Monday Night Raw felt like a missed op. He cleaned house with ease which left me wondering what was the point? Kudos to the Miz and Shane, but screw whoever took Samoa Joe out the match like if he didn't exist. Once more, it's a burial.

Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte -- it sucks to see these ladies jobbing to Ronda. Terrible on the mic, a clear work in progress and a botcher of moves. Ronda will damage someone. Seriously. You can tell they just gave Charlotte Becky's ending here and it's also a sad sign these two are gonna main it at WrestleMania. Whatever, the crowd loves Becky and we know "The Man" will steal the show when she's back. Sating us with this average fight and weak finish only helps Becky's brand.

Lastly, well, Daniel Bryan got rag dolled and punished for not going to Saudi Arabia it seems. His heel turn against AJ was cool but to then jump in against another heel in Brock feels so off. Had they let him win with the low blow would have been best for business, making Brock vulnerable but also rampaging back on RAW, and lifted Bryan's gloating status on SD, but alas, Vince wants to keep Brock as the big sell. Well, it's so boring now, we'd even take Roman and his weak mic work back. As for Bryan, fair showing and glad he didn't get his neck injured from Suplex City.

All in all, having SD win zero matches is a mindfuck and one I'm hoping there's a good explanation for. Right now, they need some new faces so hoping Finn Balor, Lars Sullivan and some fresh blood can inject fire there, maybe take back Kevin and Sami Zayn. Then again, they're shitting on Cien Almas there right now, so honestly, it feels like SD is on the road to be just as bland. Survivor Series more or less highlighted this with weak matches and sub-par personalities, so let's hope things improve thereafter.