The Offspring - Days Go By (Cover Artwork)

The Offspring

Days Go By (2012)

Still going strong

I don't consider me a "die hard" fan of The Offspring, but I really like their songs. "Days Go By" is their ninth studio album. Will it be a new classic or will it be a mediocre try? Let's find out.

The album starts of strong with "The Future Is Now", that really sets the tone for the album, with it's fast and cathcy lyrics and it's tempo, and the tempo gets cranked up with "Secrets From The Underground". My absolute favorite tracks are "Divided By Zero" and "Hurting As One", with "Divided By Zero"s almost metal-like intro and the fast and upbeat tempo of "Hurting As One". The worst tracks are most definitely "Cruising California" (a country track of all categories" and "OC Guns (a country track in a different language).

The rest of the tracks are good, but fairly similar. "Turning Into You" slows the tempo down a bit, and "Days Go By" does the same thing. The re-recorded "Dirty Magic" is good, but I don't really see the point of it. The song is good but still. And "All I Have Left Is You" really slows down the tempo, but still, it works.

The album ends with the strong and short "Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing" (And Rides The Bomb To Hell). It really is their style, with upbeat punk infused rock and a fairly slow tempo.

Now, all the members are just over fourty, and it shows. But, is "Days Go By" bad album? Not at all, but it's definietly not a masterpiece. Still, all the songs are catchy and well-made (except for "OC Guns" and "Cruising California") and pretty good.

Rating: Catchy, worth replaying.