Liz Prince - Look Back And Laugh [book] (Cover Artwork)

Liz Prince

Look Back And Laugh 📕 (2018)

Top shelf Productions

If you’ve read anything by Liz Prince before, you probably don’t need any recommendation to read her latest collection, Look Back and Laugh. I mean, it’s Liz Prince! Hoodie-wearing, Ergs-listening, cat-owning Liz Prince, back again with some old school diary comics for the die hards who’ve been fans since Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?.

Look Back and Laugh collects the daily diary comics from the year 2016 that Prince made for her Patreon supporters. It was a busy year for her as she was still riding the success of her 2014 graphic memoir Tomboy and going through some life changes, including moving, buying a house, and some other big events that I’ll leave as a surprise.

The only caveat for long-time fans would be that Look Back and Laugh has less focus on music than previous books by Prince. Whether that was because Prince was saving up her music content for the excellent Be Your Own Backing Band or simply dealing with the realities of adulthood that do their best to decentralize music in all our lives, is hard to say.

For the uninitiated who are, somehow, still reading, Look Back and Laugh is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the long running diary comics of Ben Snakepit, enjoys the slightly anarchic humor of Fart Party-era Julia Wertz, or still regularly quotes Mitch Clem’s Nothing Nice To Say. Some of her other books might be a better introduction for the Liz Prince neophyte, but you’re not going to regret picking up Look Back and Laugh.