Spiritbox - Electric Cross [Digital Single] (Cover Artwork)


Electric Cross [Digital Single] (2018)

Pale Chord

Current metalcore is not my thing, let alone overly technical metalcore. However, when something a little different comes along that catches my ear I will give credit where credit is due. This is the case with British Columbia’s Spiritbox. Spiritbox feature past members of I Wrestled A Bear Once (please excuse my ignorance on how the letters are officially styled), A Textbook Tragedy and the current bass player of Vancouver’s Living With Lions.

“Electric Cross” is one of a few singles that have been released from the bands as of yet untitled debut record. The song features very technical drumming and bass work along side off time and down tuned djent style guitar riffs. What sets this band apart for me is the vocalists’ ability to create ear catching and memorable melodic vocals over such a chaotic and heavy musical landscape. The melodies are catchy and well written, and leave a lasting impression with this track. The effort it takes to write melody over abrasive and screamed vocals is highlighted throughout all of the bands released singles.

The music is above average fare for this style of music, and the technical proficiency of the band members is evident. If the vocalist had opted to scream through the song, the band would have been indistinguishable from similar bands of the genre for me. With the added melody to the stark heaviness, Spiritbox could compete with many popular modern metal bands. While I can’t speak to the quality of the upcoming full length, “Electric Cross” has definitely piqued my interest to check out something from outside of my normal wheelhouse.