Rock Kills Kid - Rock Kills Kid (Cover Artwork)

Rock Kills Kid

Rock Kills Kid (2003)


So-Cal Band Makes Good... For Once.

From today's southern California scene, after being plagued with unbearably large numbers of Hurley-loving, Blink-worshipping knockoffs, comes Rock Kills Kid.

While listening to this EP the first time through, I caught myself asking, "Who does this sound like?!" To be quite blunt, the first three songs didn't do much for me. They were satisfactory, to say the least, but definitely weak points for this band. I'd have to say that the last two cuts are where it's at.

On track five, "Immanuel", I picked up a sweet hint of the Cars' vocals mixed with a passionate melody that one could only compare to that of Bad Religion. "God, what a beautiful musical fusion," my little brother replied with a smile. Indeed, and one which they pull off quite gracefully.

Honestly, though, it's unfair to compare them to anyone. I found this record a bit hard to classify, which I loved. On "Again" (my personal favorite), I latched onto the harmonic throwbacks and guitar arrangements reminiscent to those found on Jimmy Eat World's "Clarity", and after saying that it was pretty much inevitable that I would fall in love with this song. Lyrically, front man Jeff Tucker successfully dabbles around with words of self-doubt ("Dream", "Miracle"), bittersweet loneliness ("Everything to Me"), and a naivety ("Be There") that can only be found in a band-on-the-verge such as Rock Kills Kid.

I believe that with time and patience, these California boys will mature into something great; but for right now they need to settle in with their new label, get comfortable touring, and, most importantly, grow together as a unit. Case in point: This is a great CD, definitely worth buying (or at least listening to ONCE), a wonderful jumping off point for the band; and if their live vocals are anywhere close to those on this disc… I'll be hooked forever.