Various - New.Old.Rare [US version] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


New.Old.Rare [US version] (2003)

Fueled By Ramen

I really want a Blueline Medic record.
That's the only lasting impression that this four way split leaves on me.

I really don't feel ashamed saying that I've never heard Midtown before, despite their popularity these days. Their new song here is "Become What You Hate" off last year's "Living Well Is The Best Revenge." You can instantly tell why the band is so popular; its easily digestible pop-punk that rocks just a –bit- more than their contemporaries… and yeah… the chorus was stuck in my head all morning. Their old song "Easy Way Out" is forgettable and their acoustic (and therefore rare) rendition of "Get It Together" doesn't do much for me.

Recover bewilders me. I was in love a few of their tracks prior to their last full length, but they turned out to be less of a hardcore band and more in line with the "screamo" (call it what you will) that's become so popular lately. That being said their new song "Fracture" is good but not enough to sway my opinion. The old / rare tracks are "Unnatural" and "Not A Word." The former is competent but the later was unreleased for a reason.

I have a hard time deciding what to think of Australia's Silent*Corporation (known as Secondbest in their homeland). Their new song "Don't Look Back" seems to temper the band's catchy punk sound with a bit of post-hardcore. It's hard to describe, but it's good. Their old offering "Trapped In Me" is far less inspired and their live track "New Direction" was average.

Blueline Medic however… wow… why haven't I been listening to this band? Their new song "Precious Things" is a Tori Amos cover that completely makes the album. It's an awesome opener and the best track here. Their old and rare tracks, "Cathedral" and "They'll Let You Know", are not too shabby either.

Pick this up if you're a fan of the bands involved and want those rare tracks, but the new Blueline Medic song is the real gem here.