Snowdogs - Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies (2003)


As a music reviewer, I feel a certain obligation to give everything a fair shake. I try my hardest to listen to everything that is put in front of me and pass a fair judgement on it. Someone took the time to create this music I am hearing, so the least I can do is listen. Right?

This brings me to the new Snowdogs CD - the first CD I've ever had to review that I couldn't even listen to all the way through. In the hundreds of CDs I have listened to for potential review, they have all at least played once from start to finish. This record wins the "Good god, isn't this song over yet? Time to hit the skip button" award. It's the inaugural winner.

So what's it sound like?

Crap, mostly.

Snowdogs seems to be made up of three middle-aged men who long for the days of arena rock but are trying to adapt to pop punk and radio alt rock [and, inexplicably, ska on a few songs]. This album has absolutely no flow - every song is different from the one before, and they're all so bad that it's nearly impossible to stomach. Avoid this CD at all costs.

This honestly might be the worst CD I've ever heard in my life.

Average Kid