Roadkiller - Roadkiller [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Roadkiller [EP] (2018)

self released

Roadkiller is the latest metal band of Zebidy Tank, who has traveled the globe (or at least Australia and LA) in various bands, picking up metal styles here and there. She’s been in a punk group, a thrash group, and a Motorhead cover band, and Roadkiller feels like the amalgamation of all of them.

For one thing, Zebidy knows how to shred. The album is rooted in a sort of ‘80s metal aesthetic, with Zebidy cranking out head banging riffs as supported by huge walls of buzzing, distortion waves. Wisely, she doesn’t get too technical and try to wow us with pure guitar theatrics. Though, one should point out that you don’t play riffs this perfect, balancing technique with looseness, without being able to do the fancy stuff. The fact that she can go Yngwie but chooses not too, speaks volumes. Though, likewise, even though there is a large swath of AC/DC style hanging power chords, Zebidy knows when to cut to the chase, creating a record that highlights the best of ‘80s metal without falling prey to the typical trappings- overt silliness, dreadfully serious Satanism, or poor songwriting.

Each of the five tracks here are tightly woven, with each coming on at less than three minutes. Since Zebidy is in Motorhead cover band, many Lemmy-ish areas are covered here- touring life, living life on the edge, ridin’ cool hogs. Somewhat surprising is “Zenobia” which pays tribute to the Pagan queen who defied Rome, encouraged intellectualism, and of course, was eventually overthrown by Phalanx siege. The fact is, Zebidy has mastered the mélange of ‘80s references and has managed to push them to a sort of timeless ode, instead of being straight retro. Still, because Zebidy really does have some kickin’ riffs, and because she’s coming at metal from a more unique angle than most modern metal bands, I’m not sure that I’m as interested in hearing her continue the message of Lemmy as I am in hearing what she thinks. “Zenobia” hints that Zebidy has a lot more lyrically than many of the more standard faire metal bands, and that’s what I’d like to hear more of.

Roadkiller have mastered their metal lessons and this is a pretty rippin’ release. The more Roadkiller ventures into uncharted territory while paying tribute to the metal landmarks, the more exciting this band will be. I’ll be following the ride, for sure.