A Static Lullaby - And Don't Forget To Breathe (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

A Static Lullaby

And Don't Forget To Breathe (2003)


Hey Drive Thru kids - like Finch but are sick of fat 14 year old girls falling in love with them too?

Hey indie scenesters - like Glassjaw but are sick of frat boys and brohams spilling their beers and fondling your girlfriends at their concerts?

Well then do I have the band for both of you! They're called A Static Lullaby, and they sound like Finch and Glassjaw. I'm sure all you indier-than-thou kids are going to leave comments saying "fuck you, this band is so much better than those two," but I could honestly care less. Every time I put this CD on, I say "wow, this sounds like Finch and Glassjaw" [go listen to "The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us" and tell me it doesn't sound like a Finch b-side]. That's not neccessarily a bad thing - I like both of those bands to a degree. But have you ever heard the phrase "two's company, three's a crowd?" This more or less applies here. I already have "Worship and Tribute" and "What It Is To Burn" in my collection, so what reason do I have to keep this CD around?

In defense of the band, though, the music is good, just derivative as all hell. The only time they break from the mold is on "A Sip Of Wine Chased With Cyanide," which unfortunately comes off sounding like a ripoff of At The Drive-In's "One Armed Scissor."

The band does have promise, however, and I don't mean to be bashing them this badly as the album does sound good. The artwork for the disc is also spectacular, so they definitely get points for that.

I'll probably keep this CD, but I doubt if it will ever get many more spins in my CD player. But for those of you who fall into either one of the two categories I first mentioned, this band is for you. Jump in their bandwagon before their hype swallows them up.

The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All
Love To Hate, Hate To Me