awakebutstillinbed - what people call low self​-​esteem (Cover Artwork)
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what people call low self​-​esteem (2018)


awakebutstillinbed would be the indie/emo equivalent of Thursday. Remember when you wondered if you liked Geoff Rickly's vocals but as a package, everything worked with the band's distinct style. Well, that's the case here with singer/songwriter Shannon Taylor, and in the process you get another band that feels straight up attached to the emotional revival of the last few years.

I admire their blend of fast-paced skramz and demo, but honestly, the strength lies in them putting their own spin on what The Hotelier and such bands have accomplished. "opener" is a prime example of this emotional style of music, which barrels into the skramz vibe I mentioned on songs like "fathers" and "safe". But most of all, they way they mix speedy rock with slow burners, a la "saved", the comparison which really comes to mind is Rainer Maria.

It's a jagged sound but one worn so well that you might even appreciate just what a break-up can do to you. Heart, soul and definitely something you would find on labels like Topshelf and Tiny Engines. Taylor's vulnerability really carries the record through, and as it implies, fuck low self esteem -- her message is that you're much more than you believe and that's the way it should be. I've heard bands like Leer do this schtick, and then I've seen acts like Remo Drive put a poppier spin on it, but this garage-demo/rough/grainy feel is exactly what a record of this nature requires. Eager to see what they can do with some polish and a sheen that'd make SDRE fans take note.