T-Rextasy - Prehysteria (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Prehysteria (2019)

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T-Rextasy’s Prehysteria was released on the third day of the new year and what a way to start 2019. The group’s sophomore album is filled with pseudo-political, anti-establishment playful pop punk. The women of T-Rextasy are only 22-years-old discontent with the status quo and make it known on their own terms. 

“Girl, Friend” and “Theme from Prehysteria” are the two perfect representations of this young band. The former plays with the uses of the words “girl” and “friend” and what the combination of the two can imply. This song, like most of Prehysteria, is loaded with meaning. But through Lyris Faron’s squeaky vocals and the playful music, it never ditches its pop shell. “Theme from Prehysteria” individually introduces each band member and their respective roles. It’s cheeky, in its doo-wop fashion.

Many of the songs on Prehysteria are rooted in nostalgia yet find plenty of application now, as if there was no natural point to let them go. “Rip Van Vintage” deals with shopping while sad, but here, due to the online nature of the shopping, it feels even more secluded and ostracizing. “Maddy’s Got a Boyfriend” achieves a similar bout of sadness. Towards the end, the song breaks down, “I’m scared that I’m not queer enough, that I’m not cool or tough enough.” It’s a real moment, questioning what it’s like to be outcast from the outcasts.

There’s so much fun to be had on what is inherently a very serious record. “Baby” especially utilizes the children’s game “Down Down Baby” and opener “The Zit Song” tackles adult acne. Prehysteria is wrapped in anxiety and extremely relatable when you get to its core.