Belvedere - Because No One Stopped Us (Cover Artwork)


Because No One Stopped Us (1998)


This album displays the very shaky roots of a band who turned out to be one of the most impressive and talented in the new generation of Canadian punk bands to emerge during the late 90's. While not as crisp and mature as their later releases, (especially the brilliant "Twas Hell") it still serves its purpose well: to be melodic, fast, and grimy.

While some of the songs' riffs are near ripoffs of other punk giants (NOFX, Diesel Boy, and No Use for a Name jump to mind), I wouldn't hold it against them - they do it well, and it's enjoyable. The songwriting here, while juvenile, is extremely catchy, harmonic, and at some times, prolific as hell (a very odd combination for a punk band these days). Songs like the obvious album highlight "Market Share" assure the listener that they're really in for something special, and songs like "Subversive" and the blistering "My Girlfriend Only Likes Me When I'm Drunk" keep that feeling evident throughout the remainder of the record.

For those who haven't heard their newer stuff, or actually got to hear this album prior to the newer releases, it's a very important release for this band, and a very impressive debut album. While it's not available for the masses, if you have the opportunity to pick it up, make sure you do - or else you'll regret it.