Bad Mojos - I Hope You O.D. (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Bad Mojos

I Hope You O.D. (2018)

Voodoo Rhythm Records

Bad Mojos are a garage punk trio from Switzerland. The country might be known for remaining neutral, but this band is anything but. The music is a fuzzed out, jacked up take on primitive punk. The lyrics are reminiscent of the Dwarves or a slightly less deranged GG Allin. The guys are wearing ski masks and leather jackets on the cover, like some combination of the Mentors and the Ramones. That’s probably not such a bad reference point. I Hope You OD is the band’s second album, and its 10 songs clock in at just under 15 minutes.

“Diggin’ My Own Grave” starts things off and sets the tone. Honestly, the song titles tell you just about everything you need to know about Bad Mojos. “Baby I’m Doomed”, “I Wanna Be Dead”, “I Hate”, “Commit a Crime”, “Police Car”, “I Hope You OD”, “Too Drunk”, “Out of Control” and closer “Everybody Hates Me” are all relatively straightforward. The fact that English is their second language helps keep things simple. What they lack in subtlety, they make up for with their bludgeoning, down and dirty punk and roll.

Bad Mojos are defined by their overdriven and distorted vocals and guitars, and catchy three chord punk songs. The tracks are short and fast, but still manage to cram in memorable choruses. “Police Car”, the title track, “Too Drunk” and “Everybody Hates Me” are all highlights. Ultimately, Bad Mojos are good at what they do. If raunchy, trashy garage punk is your thing, do yourself a favor and check out I Hope You OD