Nice Cops - Nice Cops (Cover Artwork)

Nice Cops

Nice Cops (2019)

self released

Nice Cops are another addition to the reputable list of punk bands that continue to represent the frozen and forgotten wasteland that is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was provided with the good fortune to have been able to sit with this soon-to-be released extended EP for about a month prior to writing this review, which gave me a nice amount of time to digest all of the songs.

I have very few comments in terms of constructive criticism for this Winnipeg quartet. The hooks are infectious and the toned down and simple guitar riffs are very lovable right from the start. What gives me pause with this release is the fact that with songs that may be simple, they continue to grow on me as opposed to becoming redundant – which is a problem I have with most mid-tempo punk rock. There is depth and meaning to the lyrics, which cover a variety of personal topics, and the vocalist’s raspy and smooth vocals provide a genuine and enjoyable listening experience.

While there are no bad songs on the track listing, some are simply less memorable than others. That being said, the good ones go hard. I have, and continue to revisit the songs “Walk it Off”, “Lucy G” and “Birds of a Feather”. These songs are mature, well written, and demand to be replayed. The song “Leaving” is also a very solid acoustic style interlude that also comes in solidly above average for a band as young as Nice Cops. My single complaint, and I do not have this complaint very often, is that I want more. I feel like I get left hanging when some of those super choruses come to an end. I suppose it is better to be left wanting more than wondering when it will stop.

Nice Cops are putting out my favorite indie release of the year; I look forward to this release continuing to grow on me. Check it out.