Time To Fly - Birth Work Death (Cover Artwork)

Time To Fly

Birth Work Death (2002)

Rocket Star

I could have sworn I was listening to Armor for Sleep when I hear this band on WSOU (a radio station here in Jersey) and was really surprised to find out it was a completely different band. While there are some differences of course, especially since the guitars are more in-tune and the vocalist actually has some diversity to his voice, on the surface it's another emo album - plain and simple. The album does have some highlights, including "Seemingly Gray" (arguably the best song on the record), but the others seem to lack flare - not to say that the rest of the album is filler we could do without, because it's better than that. While most bands make albums with great songs and lots of filler, I guess this band's goal was to balance it out a little. Each song on the record has its own personality, and you can tell they weren't rushed in the writing process - which is a very good sign considering the current state of 'emo' music these days.

If you like bands like Armor for Sleep, Taking Back Sunday, Dead Poetic, Prevent Falls, (newer) Saves the Day, and All-American Rejects - this is an album you might find has a good spot in your collection. If you don't like any of those bands, I suggest you check it out, but the world won't end if you continue to ignore my advice.