Jett Brando - Jagged Junktion (Cover Artwork)
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Jett Brando

Jagged Junktion (2002)

Go Kart

I don't know about you, but when I think of Go-Kart Records, I think of a punk rock label. Take a look at their past and present roster - Anti-Flag, the Lunachicks, the Buzzcocks, Boris The Sprinkler, INDK, the list goes on and on. The label has established themselves over many years as a consistent punk rock producing label.

So what do you do when a label known for a specific sounds releases something that falls completely outside their realm of expertise?

Moreover, what do you do when said release is really, really good?

This brings us to Jett Brando's newest EP, entitled "Jagged Junktion." This EP contains 6 songs that fall somewhere in the realm of "indie pop," but on the much harder side of the definition. Jett Brando [better known as Jeremy Winter, formerly of All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors] brings to the table jangly guitars and trip-hop drumbeats blended with Brando's sexy croon of a voice. Loops of instruments flood certain tracks, rendering this CD useless unless you own a really good pair of headphones to fully absorb all the music going on here.

Brando really hits his stride in "Until You Fall," a multilayered vocal escapade accompanied with a bouncing bassline and clever lyricism. Later on in the EP, "Systems Fail" conjurs up images of an early Radiohead, sounding like a 3/4 version of the band's breakthrough single "Creep." And just when you think you know exactly what to expect, conga drums pop up in "Wayside Blues," giving the song a lounge feel.

All in all, this EP is a solid piece of work, and makes me want to go pick up Jett's first album on Gern Blandsten, as well as keep an eye out for future releases by the man. How ironic is it that Go-Kart Records, a label known for putting out harsh, abrasive, and potentially offensive punk rock puts out what is probably the most challenging release they've ever had?

Go into this with an open mind and you will be sufficiently rewarded.

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