Ramones - Loco Live (Cover Artwork)


Loco Live (1992)


In lew of the passing of Joey Ramone, I feel it necessary to review the album that I would call my favorite Ramones release. I cant remember where I or when I first heard the band that would ultimately give me reason to listen to music. but I do remember playing air guitar to Leave Home every day after school.I love every album,even Adios Amigos, but this is the cassette tape that changed the way I saw the Ramones. The live energy of this band never failed to reach a 10 on stage.

Nearly every song on Loco Live is faster than the original, and they just keep pounding out pop/punk masterpieces song after song. There is something like 34 songs on this album, everything from Sheena is a Punk Rocker, to Wart Hog, from Pinhead to Bonzo goes to Bitburg, with all the Ramones classics such as Beat on the Brat and Blitzkrieg Bop thrown in the mix.The concert was recorded in Barcelona Spain, and the crowd is pumped up to see their idols.They literaly go nuts during every break in the music. Even in 92, these guys rocked the stage! My favorite tunes are Rock 'N Roll High School, Teenage Lombotomy, I dont wanna walk around with you, and the closer, I dont wanna go down to the baasement. However, I rarely fast forward through anything. I feel like we all owe a little something to Joey Ramone, especially those of us in the ripped jeans and leather jackets. This is just my way to say thanks. A great live album from the best band ever.