Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Bad Cop/Bad Cop [7-inch reissue] (Cover Artwork)

Bad Cop / Bad Cop

Bad Cop/Bad Cop [7-inch reissue] (2019)

Sbam records

Bad Cop/Bad Cop are a great band that need no further introduction here. Today we find ourselves walking back a few years and revisiting the soon to be re-released (in Europe) Bad Cop/Bad Cop self titled 7 inch.

This 7-inch is infectiously catchy and memorable. The 3 songs are fast and filled with power-pop driven hooks. All three tracks are strong, which is nice to see on a short release, as sometimes you will find yourself with one stand out track and a few songs of extra filler that couldn’t quite hold up as an extra track on an LP. “Sweet Brown Water” takes the cake as my favorite track. The dual vocal harmonies in the chorus demand repeated listens.

Bad Cop/Bad Cop could soften the bitterest listener with their brand of catchy punk rock. For anyone that missed this EP when it was initially released in 2013, you should take note now. The three songs contained within are serious summer time power-pop bangers.