Western Settings - Agnus [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Western Settings

Agnus [EP] (2019)

A-F Records

I know they've had a few EPs out but all I can remember about Western Settings is how awesome the Yes It Is full length was. And what's really impressive about their new EP in Angus is how quickly it shot me right back into digging into a discography which I can safely vouch for as one of modern punk's most underrated at the moment.

This collection of just three songs is a perfect shot for those who haven't been acquainted with the LA rockers in some time, and honestly, it's just as great an intro for those connecting with them for the first time. The first couple songs are atypical of the big bouncy hooks and sprawling melodies Wester Settings ruminate over in what I'd call the dad-punk aesthetic you'd find with bands like Restorations and Red City Radio. "That's Pretty Good" is a bit more serious than the livelier, wild "Duckets Is Tight" but together their contrasting dynamic creates such a perfect 1-2 combo that you just pray this is the beginning of a 10-tracker.

Ultimately, they wind down to a burning acoustic called "Agnus" which has a Neo-Western feel to it, leaving you as excited as ever for when the band chucks out the next LP. Expectations are high and this is the perfect way to whet the appetite for folks looking at shout-along punk bangers that are looking forward to screaming with strangers in dive bars. It's clear Western Settings have matured their sound with age, but still, the magic of old is there and they only direction the band is staring is forward.