Since By Man - We Sing The Body Electric (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Since By Man

We Sing The Body Electric (2003)


This CD will rock you.

For about thirty-five minutes straight, this CD will rock you. Not once does Since By Man let up on this, their debut for Revelation Records. After 10 tracks [and one intro], you're let up for air, but just fast enough to press the "Play" button again.

Contained within this disc is some of the most innovative, just plain ass-kicking hardcore the Midwest has ever cultivated. If I were to make some sloppy comparisons I'd say Since By Man falls somewhere in between the realm of a much heavier Thursday but a not nearly-as-technical Dillinger Escape Plan. What does this mean, exactly? Well, there's no wussy singing in their repertoire, but they can definitely bring the hooks to the table to combat their tricky guitar riffs. This CD is almost dancable, in a sense - I find myself convulsing in my chair more and more with each listen.

I'm not a big fan of hardcore music, but I know a winner when I hear one. Since By Man just may be your favorite hardcore album of 2003, if you're willing to trust 5 kids from Milwaukee to punch you in the gut and have you come back and ask for more.

And yeah, you'll be coming back for more.

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