Give You Nothing - Give You Nothing (Cover Artwork)

Give You Nothing

Give You Nothing (2019)


Give You Nothing play a style of music that has always held a special place in my heart. With the popularity of “pop-punk hardcore” bands beginning to be a thing of the past, Give You Nothing has brought a fresh take on the sub-genre. The band mesh together hardcore and bay area punk rock, with a little dose of pop-punk, putting their own stamp on melodic hardcore. Give You Nothing has done well to create a nostalgic flavour while maintaining contemporary relevance.

Musically, the band is tight and precise, further amplified by a clean and punchy production. Give You Nothing’s self titled LP is vocal driven, melodic punk rock at its finest. Spencer Gyn’s vocals soar over a solid rhythm background creating big and memorable sing alongs and catchy choruses that pair nicely with the bands many guitar leads.

Give You Nothing tread closer to the punk rock path than going the overt hardcore route, avoiding heavy mosh breakdowns. Producing a sound that is comparatively similar to H20 and With Honor, with an influential nod to Good Riddance and Ignite. Some choice guest vocal spots are sprinkled throughout the record, most notable, Joe Clements of Fury 66 on “Unwritten Chapter” and Russ Rankin of Good Riddance on “Clean Slate” which works nicely to keep the listener engaged throughout the LP.

For those who hold fond memories of the days when bands like Set Your Goals, Final Fight, Set It Straight, and This Time Next Year were regularly touring down the I-5, Give You Nothing should hit the spot.