Zero Down - With A Lifetime to Pay (Cover Artwork)

Zero Down

With A Lifetime to Pay (2001)

Fat Wreck Chords

Well well well, I must say I'm very disappointed by this album. The whole album in my opinion is very bland. It seems as though there's a Propagandhi clone on the same label as Propagandhi. Zero Down did a very poor job of trying to clone Propagandhi. They are not intelligent enough to pull off the political issues they are trying to convey. The words they are using are big and lenthful and because of this most kids will actually think they mean something, when in fact they are just big words that mean nothingness. I can get through the first 5 songs but then it just becomes one really long song after that...nothing to special, and whoever did the layout work for the album better check out the credits because the lettering is very blurry. Try not using BOLD on such a small font. Not one of the greatest fat releases, very mediocre.