Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard? (Cover Artwork)

Reel Big Fish

Why Do They Rock So Hard? (1998)


"Why Do They Rock So Hard?"
"The question is, why doesn't every band rock this hard?"
"Oh yeah, huh...good point."

Let's just cut to the chase...

This CD is a must have for anyone that likes good, fun, happy music. With songs that range from reggae/hip hop to some of the best ska out there, you are bound to never skip a track.

With classics like "Somebody Hates Me" or "I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too," you are surely expected to be singing along in no time. If you are judging this album on the single you heard from it (I know I know, 4 years ago haha) called "The Set Up," then think again...because in my opinion, that is one of the worst tracks on the album. If you don't believe me go download the song "She's Famous Now," a catchy little number about a girlfriend who dumps her boyfriend because she gets famous, and is now too good for him.

The lyrics on this disc are the same great RBF lyrics that we have all grown to hate or love, talking abut girls, being cool, joke around songs, and the all too serious classic "We Care," a tribute song to all of their fans and enemies out there that have gone to the shows and either liked it or spit on them.

If you want good music, trust me (I know that may be hard for some of you)...go out and purchase this record. It won't disappoint.