The Beatersband - Vol Uno (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Beatersband

Vol Uno (2019)

self released

Vol Uno (or Volume One for you non Italian speaking simpletons), is the debut album from Livorno, Italy’s The Beatersband. The trio plays punked up garage rock versions of oldies and girl group songs. Think somewhere between the Ramones and the Supremes. As a matter of fact, three of these songs were covered by the Ramones at some point. That makes sense, as the bass player Leo Serrini was previously in the long running, Ramones worshiping Latte . The Beatersband take a slightly different approach, but it’s clear that both bands share similar influences. This trio sticks closer to the simple, AM pop roots of early rock and roll. They also have a secret weapon in vocalist/guitarist Donatella Guida.

Opener “C’mon Let’s Go” (originally by Ritchie Valens) sets a pretty decent pace. The slower and more obscure “Girl of My Best Friend” (Elvis Presley) is next. “Donna” (Ritchie Valens again) is much faster and less of a ballad than the 1958 version. It’s probably the most radical arrangement on the record. Guida does a good job on the songs originally sung by men, but she really shines on the girl group tracks. “Then He Kissed Me” (The Crystals) and “Baby, I Love You” (The Ronettes, Ramones) are the highlights of Vol Uno. The Beatersband breathes new life into a 60 year old song on “Diana” (Paul Anka). “Do You Wanna Dance” (Bobby Freeman, Ramones) and closer “Surfin’ Bird” (The Trashmen, Ramones) are solid, but far less adventurous. One of the guys even sings lead on “Surfin’ Bird”.

The weather is starting to warm up, and summer is going to be here eventually. The Beatersband feels like summer music. It’s light and fun and catchy, and doesn’t require much effort from the listener. Guida has a voice that works well with the material. This band is relatively new and still seems to have a lot of upside. Next time you’re sitting around the pool or on the beach drinking a cold one, check out The Beatersband and Vol Uno