The Postman Syndrome - Terraforming (Cover Artwork)

The Postman Syndrome

Terraforming (2002)

Now or Never

I really don't know what to write in this review as of right now - all I know is that I'm going to kiss this band's ass as much as I possibly can. Why? Because they deserve it. From the opening song, I knew this was going to be a great record. My blood was pumping, adrenaline was shooting up my brain, and I wanted to start a pit in my own room. I hadn't felt this hyped from a single album since the first time I heard Cave In's 'Jupiter.' Both have the same amazing constrast-composition style going for them, and both albums switch from amazing hardcore-rooted music to weird noise to amazingly-melodic and memorable tracks back to everything combined - and although many bands try this - Postman Syndrome is the 2nd to succeed.

I've been trying to think of comparisons for this band just so you all know what you're getting into when you go to listen to it, and the only things that really come close are the aforementioned Cave-In, Dredg (for the weirdness factor and vocal style), and Candiria (for the spaztic hardcore vocals) - and none of those bands even come remotely close to categorizing this. Every song has it's own personality - a very flamboyant one, at that (not in a gay way) - and it's absolutely mind-fucking. There isn't a dull moment plaguing this entire disc, and that just stacks on top of the already overflowing rarities this band produces. What else do you expect from Jersey?