Consequences - Consequences [EP] (Cover Artwork)


Consequences [EP] (2019)


The year was 1984, a new band from Montreal named Consequences put out a self-titled EP of the same name that really spoke true to the times and to the hardcore scene. No, sorry, that was last week.

From the jump you can hear the influence of early 80’s hardcore. Clocking in at just about 6 minutes, this 4-song blitzkrieg is hard, fast, and hits in all the right places. The opening track “We’re Screwed” really holds no punches and lets you what they’re bringing to the table. Loud fast guitar riffs, a very trebly bass sound, and pounding drums. The pacing is also interesting in this EP; at 4 songs you must be asking ‘What possible pacing can there be?’ It’s there. Tracks like “Friend or Foe” and “Toxic” slightly slow down the tempo slightly to allow a pace between their faster songs.

This EP is not without issue, of course. The closing track “Toxic” seems somewhat thrown together, the wording in it almost makes it sound like they recorded one song, then in the last 30 seconds added the outro to a different song.

Listening to this EP brings up an internal struggle I have with a lot of newer bands in the Hardcore Punk genre. At what point has a band crossed the line from being influenced by other bands and straight copying their influence, Consequences walks a fine line in this respect.

All-in-all this EP is a great start for this new band. Although this record does sound like a Keith Morris B-Side, what is not to love?