Various - Emo Diaries 8 - My Very Last Breath (Cover Artwork)
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Emo Diaries 8 - My Very Last Breath (2002)

Deep Elm

Deep Elm keeps popping these things out, so it's not surprise that number 9 is in the works. For the love of god, stop already. Although these are some decent volumes in this collection, it's a bit much. It's stated that this compilation is not a sampler, but the truth is, all compilations are samplers in their own way. This CD may not be a sample for the record company itself, but is a sample of the bands. It's a chance to hear music from a band to get a feeling for their sound and what they're all about. (at least that's what I use them for)

These songs are all hand picked and are previously unreleased songs or are written for the sake of the CD. There are hundreds of songs submitted for each chapter of this series. At least all songs for this CD are chosen "blindly" so that everyone has an equal opportunity to be on the compilation. I think some of the songs were even chosen deafly. I'd like to be on a team that decides what does and does not go on a compilation because maybe it's hard work and I just don't get it.

I am going to say this CD didn't make a huge impression on me because every time I put it in the CD player to analyze, I started to forget I was even listening about 4 songs into it. YAWN. Boring. It just wasn't capturing my attention in a way that it should have. With the exception of the first song, most of the songs on this CD have a soft, mellowed out sound. Less whining, less crying, so easy going even your grandmother could listen to it with out calling it noise. Would I put this CD into regular rotation in my CD player? Probably not, would I recommend it to someone else? Probably not. Is it really that bad? Probably not. I just don't think it's something to write home about. Since this CD bored me to tears, I have nothing more to say about it than "Don't waste your money".