Corporate Citizen - A Brief Moment Of Sanity (Cover Artwork)

Corporate Citizen

A Brief Moment Of Sanity (2019)

El Topo Records

Corporate Citizen hail from San Diego and have just delivered us a strong blast of melodic hardcore. At first listen though, I would have guessed they were from D.C., the Midwest or the East Coast. This release immediately takes the listener back to DIY shows at house parties, bowling alleys and VFW halls. Corporate Citizen takes me on a nostalgic trip which I would gladly take repeatedly.

A BRIEF MOMENT OF SANITY leads off with “Batten Down The Hatches” which commences with a blazing guitar lick. It’s gang back up vocals during the chorus are reminiscent of Minor Threat and 7 Seconds. From here the album continues a melodic hardcore journey through time incorporating the best of 80s and 90s hardcore. Listeners will get nostalgic for the 90s through “95 Sound” with its prominent bassline and in your face vocals. Tracks such as “Next Big Thing” and “Trust Fails” contain Avail-like melodies and choruses which will have you singing and screaming along. A BRIEF MOMENT OF SANITY contains a couple epic tracks in addition to the core melodic hardcore blasts throughout. “Got No Time” begins with a bombastic intro leading into punk perfection. I am quickly reminded of Dischord bands like Dag Nasty and Government Issue or even 90s bands such as Inquisition or even Dillinger Four. The albums final track “The Good One” is the most memorable and epic track on the album.

I want to thank Corporate Citizen for this trip down memory lane. This was my first time listening to this California band but will certainly not be the last. Some might call this nostalgia. I call it an honest nod to the hardcore bands I first fell in love with as a teenager in the 80s.