Anti-Flag / Leftover Crack / The Code / The Vacancy - live in Pittsburgh (Cover Artwork)

Anti-Flag / Leftover Crack / The Code / The Vacancy

live in Pittsburgh (2003)

live show

Pennsylvania is very cold in winter. Anyone one who went to A-F Records 5th birthday bash at Mr. Smalls in Millvale ,Pa would agree with me on that one. I arrived around 7 pm and parked my car at the 1st place I found and right off the bat, some cop bitched at me and made me move. Started out very well dont you think? Well then me and my girl walked to the building, which Im guessing is some old church. We stood in line for about 45 min while it was about 15 degrees out. That was alot of fun let me tell you. So finally we got in and the night definately picked up from there.

Pat Thetic was at the front takin tickets. Very nice guy I must say. I went and found the closest hole in the crowd that was close to the stage and planted myself there.

The Vacancy was the 1st opening band. They had a emoish, poppy sound but personally they sounded better than alot of the band of that genre. All in all, they put on a good show even wiht a little harshness from the crowd.

The Code was next on the list. They have a mix of street punk/ska that the crowd got very into. The singer Marc was very intense and got the crowd goin. I really liked their set.

Now was came the reason I was at this show. Leftover Crack. Stza and the group totally rocked the place. They had a few set backs like their new guitarist equipment screwing up and the Stza tried to pull a security gaurd of some kid in the middle of the set. They played all my fav loc tunes and they even threw in some choking victim classics like infested and 500 channels. They definitely made the whole show worth it.

Anti Flag closed up the show with an incredible set. They played a few more newer pieces than old ones but i still really enjoyed it. Justin Sane tends to talk alot between songs but he had alot of good stuff to say about the world and the u.s and it was interesting. They closed up with die for your government which they invited the whole crowd on stage to sing along so I got up there and belted it out with about 75 others kids. Very good time.