Saves The Day/Piebald - live in Anaheim (Cover Artwork)

Saves The Day / Piebald

live in Anaheim (2003)

live show

This was Saves The Day's test show for their new songs, and also a warm up before heading off to Europe to play a few dates. Moneen was originally supposed to play but they were stuck in the studio and a band called Down To Earth Approach took their place. Down To Earth Approach is a five piece originally from New York but now residing in Los Angeles. Their sound was sort of indie rock/pop punk/emo but not so good, maybe it was just their live show but they didn't really do it for me. Occasional screams from the backup vocals/guitarist were cool but they seemed a little misplaced, nothing too great to set them aside from the rest of the bands who sound like them.

Piebald was up next and this is the first time I've seen them since Travis had his operation, and it seems like his voice is now smoother and the fact that his voice was a little raspy was part of the sound I like about Piebald. They still brought the rock though playing mostly songs off of their newest offering We Are The Only Friends We Have. Even though the majority of the crowd didn't really seem to be into them, they still seemed to be having fun playing, some of the highlights were "The Stalker," "Grace Kelly With Wings," and "Long Nights." The crowd really seemed to be into that one, surprisingly they didn't play "American Nights" even though local radio station 94.3 (R.I.P.) used to play that song as their single.

Finally the band everyone and their mother was waiting for: New Jersey boys Saves The Day. This is the first time I've seen them since Ted "left" the band and I was quite curious to see how Chris would perform with a guitar, he used to dance like Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch movie and the dance moves will be gone now… but I think I enjoy the four piece Saves The Day better than the five piece. Chris still is very lively as a guitarist bouncing around while singing and playing and Pete behind the drum kit is pure GENIUS, he brings a level of energy to Saves The Day unseen since Can't Slow Down. They played just over a handful of songs that will appear on the new album In Reverie, a bunch of stuff off of Stay What You Are, and just a bit off of Through Being Cool. The new material sounds like their last album mixed with Through Being Cool, more energy but no less intelligent as the latest album. "In Reverie" sounded particularly good, no wonder it might make the album name, expect a lot from these boys they cracked the Billboard list once, I'm sure this next one will do it again. I was kind of disappointed nothing appeared off of Can't Slow Down or I'm Sorry I'm Leaving but I'm sure Pete will learn some of the songs soon.

Set List (in no order):
In Reverie
Cactus New Blue Beat
Wednesday the 3rd
Where Were You?
(2 other new ones that I missed the name of)
All-Star Me
Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
Through Being Cool
At Your Funeral
See You
Cars and Calories
Certain Tragedy
As Your Ghost Takes Flight
All I'm Losing Is Me
This Is Not An Exit
Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven
Ups And Downs