Various - Gone With the Wind Of Punk Sam (Cover Artwork)


Gone With the Wind Of Punk Sam (2001)

Kung Fu

Gone with the Wind must be a crappy movie cause this sampler sure is. The Ataris songs are good (Hey Kid, I wont Spend Another Night Alone, and Summer Wind was Always Our Song) but the rest of this cd pretty much sucks. The Vandals songs are mediocre at best, Josh Freeze's solo efforts are horrible, Apocolypse Hoboken have never been good, and even the Assorted Jelly Beans songs suck, and I like them! The only other good part about the CD is a song from a new band called AntiFreeze. The song is "Ordinary" and is pretty damn good. I'll definitely get their new album this month. You're better off saving your five bucks for cheap beer rather than spending it on this cheap sampler.