Madcap / Count The Stars / Breaking Pangaea - live in Boston (Cover Artwork)

Madcap / Count The Stars / Breaking Pangaea

live in Boston (2003)

live show

Boston was the last stop on my punk rock road trip and the Madcap show was my last before heading home to work and all that fun stuff.

Me and my two buddies showed up around 9ish after trudging through Boston in a nice snow shower. We just caught the end of the first act. Not sure who they were though. Next up was a band called Breaking Pangaea, I had no idea who they were. They played a poppy-indie type rock. Very boring. A bunch of people seemed to like them though.

Next up was Count the Stars. I had downloaded one or two of their songs before the show and I wasn't really looking forward to them. During the set change, the lead singer was in the crowd handing out free stickers and other goodies. Always good to see that kind of stuff. As for the set, they were a little better than I expected and even tried to get the crowd going a little before Madcap came on. In the end though, they were just another cookie-cutter poppy band.

Yep, good guess, Madcap was up next. The crowd really sucked. There were only about 40 kids left when Madcap finally came out on stage. I figured they'd play to bigger crowds. Must have been the snow.

Well they kicked off the set with "Downtown" which got the crowd going. And by that I mean me and my two buddies. The whole set, no one else would dance, just the three of us.

They played about 10 songs or so. Highlights included, "Downtown", "These Old Feelings", "Hometown", "Going on the Road", and "Bright Lights, Big City".

I told them to play "Lazy Sunday" but apparently their lead guitarist quit and they couldn't play the song without him. They did let me get on stage and sing "Going on the Road' though which was fun. And they ended the set with "Bright Lights, Big City". All in all, a good set.

I talked to the lead singer after the set and he mentioned that this show probably had the worst crowd of the tour. He seemed like a really cool guy though. Overall, the show was ok. But Madcap was great, even if there were only three people dancing. They put on a great show. I'll be catching them again next chance I get. They seem like great guys, it's too bad only 40 kids showed up to see them.