MEGA - Narcissistic Punk Rock Disorder (Cover Artwork)


Narcissistic Punk Rock Disorder (2019)

Mom’s Basement Records

There must be something in the water in Italy. For years now, this country has produced some of the greatest bands in the history of punk rock. MEGA returns this year with their fourth full-length album NARCISSISTIC PUNK ROCK DISORDER.

There are little surprises on this album right from the beginning. Listeners will easily recognize MEGA as an Italian pop punk band. The lead off title track is reminiscent of fellow countrymen the Manges. What sets MEGA apart from others is their incorporation of other musical stylings. The standout track on this release for me is “Electric Dreams” which could have been an arena rock hit in the 80s with dual-guitar solos throughout. Pop punk purists might cry foul on such a track. MEGA also flirts heavily with 90s alt-rock sounds on tracks “I Met Lil’ Sebastian” and “The Bird With Crystal Plummage.” The track “North Rhine-Westphalia” offers more of a power-pop direction ala Cheap Trick and early Goo Goo Dolls. The punchy guitars pair well with Milo-esque lead vocals which give off a strong ALL and Descendents vibe throughout the album. The mash up of styles though, not unlike an ALL album, tends to make this release a bit of a grower.

MEGA have delivered a short but sweet full-length in NARCISSISTIC PUNK ROCK DISORDER. Plenty of powerful melodies and guitar crunches to appeal to fans of power pop, alternative, and the lighter side of 90s pop punk. MEGA may not be rewriting the punk rock rule book on this release, though they sure are satisfying your sweet tooth. Highly recommended for those less finnicky punk rockers.