The Drew Thomson Foundation - The Drew Thomson Foundation (Cover Artwork)

The Drew Thomson Foundation

The Drew Thomson Foundation (2019)

Dine Alone

No one can put Drew Thomson in a box and no more so is this evident than on The Drew Thomson Foundation’s self-titled album,The Drew Thomson Foundation.

The album plays around with different arrangements and takes its emotionally charged lyrics in a softer direction than the hardcore vibes put out by Drew’s other band, Single Mothers. With that being said, this is not an acoustic record, with the majority of the songs featuring the traditional rock line-up of electric guitar, bass and drums. The Drew Thomson Foundation stands tradition on its head though, with the instruments being turned down and played with a subtle power that makes the majority of songs feel dream-like while still exuding energy. The lyrics are visual and have a personal touch to them that makes you think. The vocal delivery is clear and melodic which drives the lyrics home and makes you want to sing along.

“I got no car, man/I run on karma” Drew Thomson sings on upbeat album-opener “Karma”. The guitar is subtler which gives the bass room to shine through which it does with strong deep tones that drive toward the bright explosion of the chorus. The chorus allows the drums to shine through while using vocal effects to add another layer of dream-like energy that makes you feel like you’re singing and dancing along in a tame mosh pit on a cloud.

“These old regrets are running through my veins/As I’m running up and down the street/Calling out your name” is the melodic chorus on “Broken Window”. The guitar is so sharp that sounds like it could cut glass (or break a window) at the beginning of the song. It eases into a melancholic blend of guitar, bass and drums that supports the lyrics and solidifies the regretful tone of the song. They lyrics are very visual, and you find yourself immersed in the story quickly, seeing and feeling everything that is going on. “Broken Window” is a powerful song that will hit you right in the chest and make you pay attention if you weren’t already.

The Drew Thomson Foundation do not disappoint with their self-titled release. The blend of songs works together very well and seamlessly transitions from one to the next. There is a progression from upbeat songs to slower, more serious songs as the album plays which shows the range of the band instrumentally and vocally. They are able to go from the upbeat “Break” to a haunting cover of Single Mothers’ “People are Pets” in a matter of minutes. The lyrics are delivered clearly, and everything is well balanced and easy to listen to. The Drew Thomson Foundation are shaking up expectations and putting out great music while doing so.