No Motiv - And the Sadness Prevails (Cover Artwork)

No Motiv

And the Sadness Prevails (2000)


If only all the Vagrant bands could be this good. No Motiv plays their melodic punk/core with intensity matched by few bands these days. I've had this album for a while now, yet I like more and more with each listen. Heartfelt lyrics, great tempo changes, and hard rockin' music that I just cant get tired of.The opening track "Nostalgia" sets the tone (and by the way,has been my favorite song for about a year now). It's lyrics of looking into the past and trying to hold on to it will hit close to home for just about anyone. "Stay" and "Shells", are great love-lost songs that are pure punk bliss, but the song that really shows No Motiv's versatility is the emo/core "The Waiting Hurt". It's the type of song that could be all over the radio, but probably never will. "Tribute" gives the album a dose of speed,and "Mid-Season Change" is another really good song.I saw these guys open for Strung Out a while ago and they played with so much emotion that they nearly stole the show. I'm literally drooling at the chin for their next album(out in May, wahoo!). You might want to hit up napster first because the singer's voice does take a little getting used to, but whose doesn't. Overall, a great CD, easily the best material on Vagrant,and yes, that includes the Alkaline Trio!