Constant Elevation - Constant Elevation (Cover Artwork)

Constant Elevation

Constant Elevation (2019)

Revelation Records

Vinnie Caruana has definitely cut an elder statesman lane for himself in punk rock. For the past two decades, he’s moved between The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche, Peace’d Out (still waiting on the full length…) and his solo career rather flawlessly. His throaty voice, heart tattooed on the wrist style of storytelling, and memorable collaborations with a host of rotating friends cum bandmates has produced quite an impressive and autobiographical discography for a working-class musician. His latest collaboration with Sammy Siegler, who’s drummed for everybody from Youth of Today to Tech N9ne, is a fitting return to both musicians’ hardcore roots.

Constant Elevation formed from Siegler riffing on the guitar wanting to play the type of music he cut his teeth on with Judge and the aforementioned Youth of Today. The two longtime friends found themselves in the studio shortly after and their debut self-titled 7” was born. Constant Elevation finds both musicians playing the most straight forward punk rock they have in years. Fittingly put out by Revelation Records, this seven-minute, three song release is the type of positive hardcore that would’ve been at home with the youth crew put out in the label’s formative years.

Opener and standout track “Fuck Runnin’” sets the tone for the record. The immediately recognizable voice of Caruana shouts over breakdowns, “I wanna believe / It gets better / I wanna believe / I’m not the only one.” This is the rawest Caruana has sounded in years echoing the type of vocals found on It’s Go Time. It’s hard not to compare this record to early-Movielife material, but this is more hardcore than pop-punk. Hater anthem “Mouth In Motion” and “Fletch” contain all the key elements of good melodic hardcore – raspy and big swinging bass, shout alongs to music pulling you through, and the type of grooves sure to get caught in a mosh.

Given the release’s runtime, Constant Elevation could afford no room for filler. Fortunately, that’s the case here. Let’s hope this is only a predecessor for something more fulfilling.