Radio Blast - Let’s Rock! (Cover Artwork)

Radio Blast

Let’s Rock! (2019)

Self Released

Radio Blast is a fairly new band, forming in NYC in 2018, and Let’s Rock! is their first proper release. It’s a 7-song EP clocking in just short of 14 minutes in length, a run time fitting of their Ramonescore ethos which is clear in every song.

The songs are short, to the point, and often quite catchy. This starts right off the bat with their eponymous first track. The chorus lets the listener know to “let the radio blast all night,” and really, the tone is set for the whole release. Four chord guitar riffs are in full force, emphatic drumming carries the backbone of the songs, and there are plenty of harmonized backing vocals. “Full of Shit” is a 45-second song that is about, you guessed it, someone being full of shit. Simple lyrics, simple musicianship, but it’s right at home on the release.

These songs are familiar, in a way that all Ramones-inspired punk rock seems to be, but that’s not a knock on the band. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what the group is going for. When a band goes this hard to have a specific sound, even a familiar one, as long as their heart is in the music, it can be fun.

So, does “Teenage Crush” sound just like a down-tempo Ramones song? Yes. And does “Misunderstood (It’s Understood)” sound a lot like Screeching Weasel? Of course. But these songs are fun extensions of bands that Radio Blast clearly enjoys, so they pull off the genre quite well because of that exact admiration.

Let’s Rock isn’t some sort of creative breakthrough for pop-punk, but it is a nice reminder that music can simply be catchy and enjoyable. And let’s be honest, sometimes punk rock needs to be reminded of that a bit.